Deep Thinking the Human Condition by S.A. Odunsi


Born in Nigeria, Odunsi has lived in Texas for over a quarter century. He makes his living operating 2 small businesses. While he has a BA in business, Odunsi credits his ideas not to his formal education but to his independent investigative efforts.

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The concepts presented in the book will open up a dialogue about how we look at our past, present, and future. Odunsi presents new ideas to chronic world problems in a very creative and imaginative way. Arguments presented are well worth debating and studying. With the numerous current global crises taking place, Deep Thinking The Human Condition is highly recommended to those concerned about why we are unable to solve world problems and why it is essential to change our approach when tackling major global plights.


…it is intuitively logical that real development, as opposed to shallow modernization, will start in the PUCs (persistently underdeveloped countries) if the graduates of higher education – the leadership class-begin to function with the proficiency in management, entrepreneurship, and invention demonstrated by their counterparts in the developed countries.
…(In the PUCs) the bulk of economic growth in modern industry and commerce, as well as its effective maintenance, are disproportionately dependent on the entrepreneurial, managerial, administrative, and inventive efforts, initiatives, and leadership of a distinct ethnic minority or expatriate agents, and not on the rank-and-file members of idigenous population groups.

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