Rabbit in the Moon by Deborah and Joel Shlian


San Francisco, 1989: Forty years after Mao and his People’s Liberation Army set poised to change China forever, Dr. Lili Quan prepares for a journey that will change her life forever. To honor her mother’s dying wish that Lili “return home,” Lili reluctantly sets out for China.

For Lili, a passionate idealist, this will be an extraordinary trip filled with remarkable discoveries – from meeting and falling in love with Chi-Wen Zhou, a victim of the Cutural Revolution and zealous Taoist, to finding Dr. Ni-Fu Cheng, the grandfather Lili believed had died years ago. But Dr. Cheng has made the most remarkable discovery of all: he’s discovered the secret to long life.

As Dr. Cheng’s only relative, Lili’s life is in jeopardy. As greedy and unscrupulous men vie for control of the most earth-shattering discovery of the century, Lili Quan could become a pawn in a deadly and dangerous international game.

Before Lili can hold the key to the future, she must unlock the deadly secrets of the past.

I have always been a huge fan of anything involving the Orient.  And let me tell you, this book did not disappoint me.  This book centers around Dr. Lili Quan.  She is a young physician, and although she is of Chinese descent, she considers herself and American through and through.  She has no desire to learn anything about her culture, but when her mother’s dying wish is for her to go to China to find a Grandfather she didn’t know existed she decides to go to honor her.

This book is a whirlwind adventure.  Having never been to China myself, these authors have the ability to transport you there through their beautiful descriptions.  And, the suspense that ensues once Lili reaches China is sure to thrill any reader.  This book has a little bit of everything and is sure to be a hit!

Deborah and Joel Shlian have collaborated in both their vocations and avocations. Deborah and Joel practiced medicine together in a large multispecialty group before returning to UCLA for MBAs. They have since balanced medical management consulting with writing. After 25 years in Los Angeles, Deborah and Joel moved to Florida and now reside in Boca Raton.

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