Unseen by Nancy Bush


She woke up with no memories…She wakes up in a hospital room…bruised…bloody…confused. She knows her name is Gemma La Porte – but that’s all. She doesn’t remember smashing her car. She doesn’t remember anything from the last three days. But a policeman, Deputy Will Tanninger, is waiting for answers and wants to know if she’s responsible for a fatal hit-and-run…But remembering her past could kill her…Hoping to restore her shattered memory, Gemma has no choice but to put her trust in Will. But if it turns out she’s guilty of murder, he has no choice but to arrest her. Torn by her growing feelings for Will, and haunted by her shadowy past, Gemma is determined to learn the truth. But, in this case, the darkest truths are unknowable – and the deadliest enemies are unseen…

I have been a big fan of Nancy’s sister Lisa for quite some time so I was ready to give this book a try.  I am nto sure how I felt about this one.  

This book starts out with a young girl being kidnapped by a pedophile.  The pedophile is run over by a car and is mortally wounded.  At the same time Gemma LaPorte show up at the ER with some major injuries – nothing life threatening but enough to keep her there.  Coincidentally they look like they could be the same type of injury you might receive in a car accident leading Detective Will Tanniger to think she may be the one responsible for the hit and run.  After questioning her she states that she has no memory of what happened, and this is not the first time she has had blackouts.  When your life is littered with tragedy like Gemma’s, you look for some way to cope.

Although Tanniger begins to feel an attraction for LaPorte, she quickly becomes the suspect in another murder – this one is an abusive husband and father.  There is another set of murders taking place that involves young women. 

While the story is a good one it just felt as if this story wasn’t as well thought out as it could have been.  The author seems to have rushed through some of the details and left me wanting for more.  Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy this book and would still recommend it, but after reading “Wicked Game” I was expecting something more.

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