Boneman’s Daughter by Ted Dekker

 Boneman's Daughter

A Texas serial killer called BoneMan is on the loose, choosing young girls as his prey, His signature: myriad broken bones that torture and kill – but never puncture.

Military intelligence officer Ryan Evans is married to his work; so much so that his wife and daughter have written him out of their lives. Sent to Fallujah and captured by insurgents, he is asked to kill children not unlike his own. The method: a meticulous, excruciating death by broken bones that his captor has forced him to learn.

Returning home after the ordeal, a new crisis awaits. A serial killer is on the loose, and his method of killing is the same. Ryan becomes a prime suspect, which isn’t even the worst of his problems: Ryan’s daughter is BoneMan’s latest desire.

In a story that is devaststing in its skill and suspense, – Ted Dekker brings to bear his ability to terrify and compel in BONEMAN’S DAUGHTERS.

Yet again, a book that has been sitting on my wish list…as well as all of the other books by Ted Dekker.  This is the first book that I have read by this author and he has quickly earned a place in my heart, truly fantastic and a total rollercoaster of a story.

Ryan Evans has served his country well – an intelligence officer in the Navy he is one of the elite.  After a mission goes terribly wrong, he does some soul searching and realizes it’s time for him to put his priorities in place and make his family whole again.  This will be no easy task considering he has not been a very active part of his wife or daughter’s life.

Enter Boneman – a brutal serial killer who captures young girls and tortures them by breaking all of their bones without breaking their skin.  He’s in search of a perfect “daughter” and thinks  he has found it in Ryan’s daughter Bethany.  Not only is Ryan in a fight to save his daughter from an early death, he also has to convince the FBI that he is not Boneman, as they believe.

This book is impossible to put down – when the word suspense is used, this is exactly what they are talking about.  Dekker hooks you by giving you just enough information to keep you turning pages to see where you’re going next, and it is a journey you don’t want to miss!  I HIGHLY recommend this book but be warned – set aside some time because you’ll want to finish it in one sitting.

Thanks so much to Miriam of Hachette for allowing me to review this novel!

Ted Dekker is the author of twenty-two novels, with more than 3 million copies of his books sold to date, 1 million of them sold in 2007 alone.

Known for adrenaline-laced stories packed with mind-bending plot twists, unforgettable characters and confrontation between good and evil, Dekker has earned his status as a New York Times bestselling author.

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2 responses to “Boneman’s Daughter by Ted Dekker

  1. I really enjoyed this one also. Once I started I couldn’t put it down at all.

  2. The article is usefull for me. I’ll be coming back to your blog.

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