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We Take This Man by Candice Dow and Daaimah S. Poole


Dwight and Tracey Wilson are living the ideal life with their two children in a brand new home in Florida. They are both excited when Dwight is offered a promotion at work, but the downside is that the job is located in Maryland. After much discussion, Tracey decides that she does not want to leave their new house. Dwight makes the decision to accept the position and return home on weekends.

Alicia Dixon has spent her life hating and not trusting men after her father mistreated her mother, but she can’t help but fall for the new guy in her company…Dwight. They both try to fight their attraction to one another, but it proves to be a losing battle-Alicia is everything that his southern wife is not.

When Alicia ends up pregnant, Dwight decides to end things with Tracey, but the process proves not to be as easy as Dwight had hoped.

Tracey Wilson has everything a woman could want in a husband.  He is a good father to his children, a loving husband to her, and he is educated and earns a good living…good enough for Tracey to have a brand new home in Florida, and not have to worry too much about her spending habits. 

But, all that changes when  Dwight gets offered a promotion at work – it is a $40,000 a year increase in pay but there is a catch – he will be relocated to Maryland.  After a lot of discussion, Tracey decides that she is going to stay behind in Florida and Dwight will fly back on the weekends.  I for one never understand how people think this will work, especially when there are children involved.  But so goes the story.

 Dwight is totally devoted to making this new job work out, and ends up missing weekends with his family.  He is so busy that he forgets to call, and even when he is “home” his mind is still on work.  And on Alicia.   

Alicia Dixon works at the company that Dwight gets transferred to, and there is an immediate attraction.  But, Alicia is upset because she feels that she was slighted for the position that is now Dwight’s.  As they continue to spend more time together, they find out that they have much in common and Dwight sees that this is what he has been looking for – someone to completely support him and not decide to stay behind in a different state.   Alicia knows that Dwight is married, but feels as if he is fair game – what kind of wife would let their man move to another state and only see them on weekends?

Dwight decides to file for divorce – he has everything he needs in Alicia and realizes he has been unhappy with Tracey since her refusal to move.  But things aren’t going to be as easy as he thinks.

I have never read anything by Candice Dow or Daaimah, and although the content of the book was troubling to me (with the affairs and the way they decided to work things out in the end) I must say that the writing was excellent.  I am unsure if I would recommend this book or not.  I for one think that most women are stronger than they are portrayed in this book, but again let me stress the word most.  

Thanks once again to Miriam Parker and the Hachette Book Group for sending me this copy for review!


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