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Trail of Crumbs by Kim Sunee


About the Book:

Already hailed as “brave, emotional, and gorgeously written” by Frances Mayes and “like a piece of dark chocolate–bittersweet, satisfying, and finished all too soon” by Laura Fraser, author of An Italian Affair, this is a unique memoir about the search for identity through love, hunger, and food.

Jim Harrison says, “TRAIL OF CRUMBS reminds me of what heavily costumed and concealed waifs we all are. Kim Sunée tells us so much about the French that I never learned in 25 trips to Paris, but mostly about the terrors and pleasure of that infinite octopus, love. A fine book.”

When Kim Sunée was three years old, her mother took her to a marketplace, deposited her on a bench with a fistful of food, and promised she’d be right back. Three days later a policeman took the little girl, clutching what was now only a fistful of crumbs, to a police station and told her that she’d been abandoned by her mother.

Fast-forward almost 20 years and Kim’s life is unrecognizable. Adopted by a young New Orleans couple, she spends her youth as one of only two Asian children in her entire community. At the age of 21, she becomes involved with a famous French businessman and suddenly finds herself living in France, mistress over his houses in Provence and Paris, and stepmother to his eight year-old daughter.

Kim takes readers on a lyrical journey from Korea to New Orleans to Paris and Provence, along the way serving forth her favorite recipes. A love story at heart, this memoir is about the search for identity and a book that will appeal to anyone who is passionate about love, food, travel, and the ultimate search for self.


This is a very intriguing memoir.  Kim is abandoned at a young age by her mother and ends up being adopted in New Orleans.  She struggles to fit in and eventually falls in love with an older man from Paris.  Although there is much love between the two there is also many differences which make her rely too heavily on him making it unable for her to find herself.

I didn’t mind this book but felt that the author may have been a little to rushed to write a memoir.  There seem to be gaps in her writing that make it hard for the reader to make the connection between her thoughts and feelings and the actual events that inspire them.  I will say that the addition of the recipes added a wonderful element to a book that needed a little something to help pull it through. 

About the Author:

Kim Sunée is the founding food editor of Cottage Living. She was born in South Korea and adopted and raised in New Orleans, and lived in Europe for ten years. She now resides in Birmingham, Alabama.

Many thanks to Miriam of Hachette Book Group for the opportunity to review this book!


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