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The Four Corners of the Sky by Michael Malone

Four Corners of the Sky
Michael Malone is the author of ten novels, one collection of short stories and two works of nonfiction. Educated at Carolina and at Harvard, he has taught at Yale, the University of Pennsylvaniaand Swarthmore. Among his prizes are the Edgar, the O. Henry, the Writers Guild Award and the Emmy. He lives in North Carolina, with his wife.
For the first time since Handling Sin, a riveting novel of love, secrets, and the mysterious bonds of family, from master author Michael Malone.

On her seventh birthday, Annie’s con artist father left her behind at his boyhood home, then he raced out of her life. Years later, Annie, now a top Navy jet pilot, returns home on her 26th birthday. But everything changes when Jack calls to say he is dying, and needs her to fly to St. Louis to bring him the airplane he gave her the day he left. And if she does, he will give her the one thing she always wanted, that he always lied to her about the name of her mother.

The Four Corners of the Sky is a novel of love, sacrifice, and the inexplicable bonds that hold families together. Michael Malone brings these rich characters to life as only he can, evoking the unspoken motivations that drive people to define who they are and break out of those bonds when the call of love comes.

When I was offered the opportunity to read this book I jumped at the chance.  I have not read a book by Michael Malone before and thought that the premise had real promise.  This is really a fantastic book!
Annie Peregrine is seven years old when her father Jack leaves her at her aunt’s house in Emerald, North Carolina.  But, even though he is leaving, he leaves behind his airplane King of the Sky, a fixed-wing, single engine Piper Warrior.
Many years pass and Annie hears very little from Jack, whatever contact there is is confusing, especially to a child. With the help and guidance of her Aunt Sam and Uncle Clark, she becomes a pilot in the Navy.  She learned all she knows about flying from D.K. Destin, a retired Lt. US Navy Pilot. 
Out of the clear blue she receives a phone call from her father telling her that he is dying, and that if she flies King of the Sky to St. Louis to see him he will then give her the name of her mother, information she has always wanted.  What is strange is that she is also contacted by the FBI who is also looking for her father in connection with a missing relic from Cuba. 
This is the type of novel that shouldn’t be rushed, as each of the characters has so much to offer.  The writing and development of the story is so unique and well done I will make sure to rush out and get more by this author.  This book is highly recommended!
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