Free Book Review

I do not charge for book reviews!

As you can tell by my website I love books…all kinds of books.  I would love to review your book.  I will provide a brief review of the book but will make sure to put a spoiler alert in the post if it is necessary.

I don’t like to post negative reviews and even if I don’t like your book I will find something positive to say about it.  I also don’t rate my books on my website but will rate it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powells, Goodreads, Shelfari, etc…I list my reviews on multiple sites to help promote the author. 

I am a VERY fast reader but am currently just one person, so please allow 8 weeks for a review once the book is received.  If you need a reviewer sooner, please check out my Priority Review service.  

Priority Reviews

I will charge $25 for a Priority Review.  The reason I feel the need to charge for something like this is it puts all of the other books on my TBR pile on hold to focus solely on your book.  I guarantee that you will have a review within 2 weeks of receipt of your book.  

Each review is my honest opinion – take it for what it’s worth.  I am hoping to add to my list of reviewers but currently it is just my hubby and myself.  The book does become our property and will not be returned.  Once I have completed the review you are more than welcome to use any part of it, but I do ask that you give me credit for the portion that you use.  

How To Submit A Book For Review
Please email me at novelnoise(at)live(dot)com . I will contact you as soon as possible with my mailing address.  Please include the name of the book, genre, focus group (adult, children, youth, etc.)

When you mail the book to us please email me to let me know that it’s on its way.  This way I can keep an eye out for it.   

Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you might have and thanks for visiting!


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